The National Aerospace Againstration Wave Research Center was unveiled

Original title: The National Aerospace Bureau’s Gravity Wave Research Center opened on September 26, and the National Aerospace Bureau was established at the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University.

The center relies on the construction and operation of Sun Yat-sen University, and the system will carry out the force of gravitational waves, the development series test satellite platform and the detection load technology, promote my country’s space gravitational wave detection major scientific and technological research steadily implementation, accelerate the field of space in the aerospace field, self-reliance, and help my country From the aerospace country to the aerospace country. In 2014, Junjun’s Academician, Sun Yat-sen University, made "Tianqin Plan", plans to build China’s spatial gravitational wave detection observatory, carry out the frontier research of space basic science.

  Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the NAS, and the head of the President of Sun Yat-sen University, the director of the National Aerospace Bureau of the National Aerospace, unveiled the center. Wu Yanhua said, establishing the International Aerospace Bureau Gravity Wave Research Center, to create an international front-edge position of gravitational wave detection research, and the implementation of national strategic demand-oriented promotion innovation system optimization portfolio, accelerating the construction of strategic technology for national laboratories as led by national laboratories An important initiative. Luo Jun said that the "Tianqin Plan" spatial gravitational wave detection technology of Sun Yat-sen University has built a series of difficulties, the National Aerospace Againstration Wave Research Center is a new milestone, will bring more talents and strength to promote China’s autonomous spatial gravity Detecting technical research and innovation, contributing to the development of national aerospace.

  The National Aerospace Bureau will organize domestic power to jointly promote my country’s space gravitational wave detection, accelerate basic research innovation and strategic technological innovation in the field of space and technology, and create accumulated favorable conditions and resources for my country.

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